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Possible Scattered Thoughts Rewrite

It opens with me entering a therapist's office, carrying a spiral tightly under my arm. The doctor tells me to have a seat and I plop down on the couch. She asks me questions about who I am as an individual and I answer them, which will serve as the reader's introduction. This leads into the sections.


Doc: You spoke earlier of Lisa and the scars that particular relationship gave you. Tell me about some of the others.

Me: Well, for starters, there's something you should know.

Doc: And what's that?

I really suck at relationships

That's when I dive into all of my relationship stories and songs and read them to her from my spiral. The banter between her and I will serve as the piece's set up and epilogue. It will also give the reader my current perspective on the pieces which will help to lighten the entire tone of the book to show that things get better. It was way too bleak before and this change will make it an entirely different experience.

I think this will also hammer home the point I've been trying to get across this whole time; writing can save your life. I want people to see just how powerful an outlet putting your thoughts down on paper can be. There will also be longer stories which have never been seen before and fill in many of the gaps I've previously left out. Then, when I'm out of things to tell I leave the therapist's office and end the book with “Words”.

The best part? If you go onto, you can actually flip through the journal I read from in the book. You'll get several unique experiences while there as well. Hidden throughout the site are links to my various other projects, such as this here blog.

If they come here, they will see how the story has progressed, as well as a preview of my next book, I've no reason to dream.

It's late/early and this is about as far as I'm going to get for now. After a little more time spent expanding the idea, I'll start writing. I'm interested in hearing anyone's thoughts. If you like what you've heard so far, send someone a link to this post or put it up on your facebook page.

Because I like you, here's the link for you to copy and paste.

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