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Davlin's Life Lesson #206

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And until you start asking some questions, this is what you're gonna get.


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Jennifer Batter

Marry me.

One of the most poignant scenes I have ever witnessed

Ok, I am currently 6 minutes and 10 seconds into the film "ink". I was going to write a full review of this movie, but I had to do this now.

The film opens with a guy getting into his car, suddenly freaking the fuck out and then getting hit by a truck. Fade to black.

The same guy wakes up in bed with his 6 year old daughter poking him in the face. She simply says, "I have an appointment." He tells her to call his assistant, but she inform him that "Mom says you're not allowed to cancel." Brilliant.

We next see them walking across the train tracks. She's running ahead, ecstatic to be spending time with her dad, while he tightly grips a thermos full of coffee and barely has the energy to stumble his way forward.

They stop at a tree, surrounded by objects the daughter has already gathered for the day's play. She instructs the father to help her build a wall which will protect them from the oncoming monster. He just stares at her.

"Whatever happened to tea parties? Don't girl's like tea parties?"

She then hands him a stick to build a moat to slow down the still oncoming monster. He tells her that he doesn't do this kind of thing and let her mother play this with her. She looks him dead in his eyes with tears and hers and just says, "please".

After much hesitation on his part, she announces that they're too late and the monster is now here. She picks up the collar of her shirt and begins to pull herself away. She inches herself closer and closer to the train tracks. The father looks down. The daughter's voice cracks as she pleads for her father to save her. She's almost at the tracks.

The father looks up, grabs a stick and charges for his daughter. He screams at the top of his lungs, fully immersed in the game and much to her delight. He lunges forward and says to the monster,

"Yaaaaaaah. Get away from her ya big...asshole!"

I applaud.

"Yeah, get 'im Dad, get the bastard!"

My head explodes.

He then takes her back to the fort and they collapse in laughter. He was able to have a truly beautiful moment with his daughter. One he would have missed out on if he had stayed in bed.

The scene is beautiful. It touched me so much I had type it the second it was over. Seriously, I'm still watching the rest the flick right now. Holy fuck there's telaporters in this, apparently.


I wrote a new piece today...but I don't think I have the balls to post it. But, hey, least I'm writing again!

Sex and the City, Starbucks and My Latest Infatuation

So, my room mate's got his kid over at our place tonight. Not that that's a big deal or anything, but I just needed a little alone time. After a long drive in the car, I finally settle on going to a Starbucks near my apartment. I've always tried to avoid being one of those guys in a coffee house that sits alone typing on a laptop, but here I am. I also cringe as the knowledge of my life being reduced to living out plot lines from Sex and the City sinks in. But, tonight, I have a mission.

Sitting on my lap in front of me is a brand new netbook. The only reason it's in my possession right now is only due to the generosity of the previously mentioned room mate. I've become determined not to let it turn into a 300 dollar device just to watch porn, but into something a little more productive. So, I'm sitting here until I can come up with something halfway decent. I figure I'm gonna get carpal tunnel either way, might as well get something out of it.

At work today I had a conversation with a friend about my latest infatuation. (Awesome band name) She told me not to hold back from telling her how I felt, because if I wait around too long, she might move on. There's a lot of irony here, seeing has how these new feelings are mirrored by ones I've had for her several times over the course of our friendship. Unrequited love sucks.

A little later I started talking to a co-worker about some of the depression he's been feeling lately. He lamented over being a single, gay man at his current age. I tried to give advice when I could and we compared both of our situations and the obstacles we'll have to overcome. I told him we should hang out sometime and he invited me to go to a gay bar with him. Not that I really feel the need to clarify, but I'm completely straight, but I'm comfortable with my sexuality and told him I'd gladly go. When that happens, be sure that it will be chronicled here. To be honest, it'll just be nice to go out and not have the bullshit pressure of trying to get a date.

I'll be heading out to Tucker's Blues tomorrow, and I'm starting to get excited. I've figured out two pieces I know I'm going to do, just gotta figure out the last one. I'm hoping I'll make a big enough impression this time and they'll want to hire me on for a gig or 30.

I've been fucking off way too much and I'm ready to start getting serious again. My laptop died back in May, which is why posts have been scarce. Now that I've got a new one, I plan to change that. Lily and I are starting a new blog, not sure of the name, but it will be dedicated to reviews of books, movies and other such shit. Also, I'm going to be working on getting my full website up and running here in the next couple of weeks. It will be bitchin.

I think that's about all I've got in me for right now. Gotta get back into practice. I haven't seriously written anything in months, so it'll take time to get back up to get back up to where I was. Hang in there with me though, a whole lot more is on the way.