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The Soundtrack Of My Life vol. 1

Ok, I'm trying something different here. Whenever there's a lot on my mind I put my MP3 player on shuffle. The random songs sometimes tell a story that relates to what I'm going through. I'm going to start posting these stories. Play the songs, or read the lyrics, and see if you can find the story told within. Comment your thoughts down below, I'd love to know what you think. For now, I hope you enjoy The Soundtrack Of My Life vol. 1...

Bi-Polar: Stage II

"I’m not your boyfriend baby"-30h!3!3&title=I%27m%20Not%20Your%20Boyfriend%20Baby

"Last night"-Motion City Soundtrack

"Hold Me Down"-Motion City Soundtrack

"No it isn’t"-+44

"Daisy"-Brand New

"Me vs. Madonna vs. Elvis"-Brand New

"When it all goes wrong again"-Everclear

"Smoke two joints"-Sublime

"Destination Anywhere"-Sugarcult


"Tiny Vessels"-Deathcab for Cutie

"Sexual Powertrip"-Blue October

"Say It"-Blue October

"Scarred"-Kevin Rudolf

"Try Honesty"-Billy Talent

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