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I learned something today.

It's crazy how you can see someone almost every day for over a year and never really get to know them. I realized today that I still had a lot to learn about my big sister.

See, at work, I take my smoke breaks with her. Now this might not seem like a big deal to you pantywaist non-smokers, but let me tell you something, there isn't another bond on earth that can compare with the ones you forge while on smoke breaks. Because when you're hunkered down in a cramped stairwell, trying to block out the rain so you can inhale every last drag before you have to go back to work where the next sweet puff of relief is an agonizing two hours away you can't walk leave that stairwell without feeling closer.

But tonight I sat down with her outside the office where we didn't have to worry about who may hear. For the first time in over a year...I just listened to her. I had the privilege of hearing in detail things which had only been hinted on previously before. I feel like I got to know my big sister much better.

It also made me think about all the other people in my life I consider myself close to? We're all so wrapped up in ourselves and our own lives that we never take the time to listen to stories about the lives of others. You have no idea what kind of events are transpiring around you at all times. It has shown me that none of us are really all that different. We've all got problems and woes, so it doesn't make you special. It makes you just like everyone else.

So please, do yourself and everyone else a favor and shut the fuck up for just one day.

You might be surprised what you discover.

Davlin's Paranormal Journal

December 2009

It was late that night, I had just spent hours on my laptop and my eyes felt like they were going to bleed. I set the computer by my side, took off my glasses and placed them on the nightstand. That's when I heard the voices. There were dozens of them and they came from all directions. A few of them were angry, others in frightened whispers, but they were all speaking the same language. I've never heard another one like it before or since. Suddenly, I was pushed and held down by an incredible force. From the light of the laptop, I could see my clothes being moved and pulled down by invisible hands in a hungry attempt to expose more skin. Then, they were all over me. I could see the paths of their fingertips as they explored every inch of my body. The voices grew louder and louder until they were screaming with delight. That's when I blacked out.

True story